Two friends and I went to see Harry in concert on 22 Aug 80 at Jackson Cascades in Jackson, MI.

This was an outdoor venue with a very pleasant atmosphere. Although being outdoors did have a downside. At one point in the show, Harry offered people some “Off” to get rid of the mosquitoes because they were out in force that evening. He actually sprayed “Off” on a few people who took him up on the offer.

After the show Harry was selling kisses for a $1. When I got up to the front of the line I told Harry I wasn’t really interested in a kiss, but an autograph would be cool. While waiting in line to get the autograph, we checked out Harry’s big RV that he traveled around in. I still have the ticket with Harry’s signature on the back.

I seem to remember that there were supposed to be other band members there that night, but for some reason only Harry and Tom were able to make it to the show.

One of the people with whom I attended this concert said he remembers that either Harry or Tom had a cast on his leg. I have no recollection of that though.

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