Your favourite memories of what Harry Chapin means to you.

Just A Kid by Amanda Stephens

By the time I was of conscious memory, Harry Chapin had died. It was 1990 when I first heard the album Taxi. Like every young kid my age I rummaged through my parents record collection looking for vintage Beatles, Doors, Joplin what have you. I listened to scratchy Santana albums…


Harry, keep the change by Lars Palmer

"Harry, keep the change"....Those were my only words ever spoken directly to Harry and it was backstage after a concert down at the East Pier in NYC and everybody around us was rolling with laughter, including Harry himself, at my comment and blushing face and I was just wishing a…


In Tom Williams’ Memory by Frank

MY best friend Tom saw Harry Chapin in Davenport, Iowa at Palmer College. He was awed by him, he practically worshipped Harry. I had never of Harry since it was before my time, I am only 30. Last year I lost my best friend Tom, he was like my brother…