I had the honour and pleasure to see Harry in concert twice at the PAC in Milwaukee, WI, in 1976 and 1977.

At my first concert, during “Circle”, he had the people on the better floor seats stand up and sing to us in the “cheap seats”. They were great! Then, he had us stand up and sing to them. We were also great! I stopped singing for a line just to listen. It was AMAZING how a 1,000 people could sound. He said the “cheap seats” may not have as much money, but we sure could sing!

At the 1977 concert, when he came our on stage to a roaring applause, the four best seats, front row center, were empty. While acknowledging our applause, he motioned towards those seats with a puzzled look on his face. After his first song, he told us that, when those people showed up, we were all going to shout “HELLO LATECOMERS”! If they came during a song, he asked us to please wait until the song was done.

Midway through the next song, with the lights turned down, an ushers flashlight hit those seats. We all started laughing, as did Harry and the band. When he finished, he complimented us on our reserve. Then shouted “Are you ready??? 1…2….3 HELLLLOOOOOO LATECOMERS!!!!!!” It was a very fun evening….

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