I am 24 yrs old. My life is ordinary. I was born in Florida and moved around quite a bit in my short life. When I was a child my father played Harry Chapin just about every day.

My sisters and I grew up listening to him and loving him. I don’t remember the day that he passed on. I was only 6 yrs old. I do remember the countless hours we sang his songs when my family was still together. My mother and father split up when I was 19 yrs old.

The happiest memories I have are of listening to Harry with my parents and my sisters. Now that we are adults and each live states apart. When we get together we pull out the monopoly or the cards and we always slip the Harry CD’s on.

Many times we have ended the night in tears and laughing about something silly we did as children, like the time I got up at the table while listening to 30000 lbs of bananas and acted like a monkey…sounds and all. We laugh and cry remembering these times. Nothing else brings us together like this. No other music, no other movie, no other holiday.

Harry is very special to us. I have to admit that when the lord decides my day is to come, I will be searching for the man sure to be the best angel in his army. I cant wait to meet him, for one day I will.

I have to say thank you to his family for giving him the strength and loving him so much that he could love others so greatly Thank you Sandy. Behind every man is a woman. I think sometimes we forget that. Thank you Sandy for being who you were to him. Thank you for helping him give my family the joy we have shared.

Thank you Harry for giving us the love you have.

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