Alone on a highway, driving into the city for an overtime shift, I heard Sequel for the first time. I was not a listener of the radio normally, music had always been my mentor. Many of my secret writings were inspired by the music. I held such hope that day, Harry was back , new stories were on the way.

I already owned all but two of the albums and knew all the songs by heart. Harry was my mentor. Harry helped me hear my children sing, inspired me to find my heart, hang on for one more day, then he was gone.

The greatest gift I ever received was a collection of Harry’s albums, in a custom made case, from a fellow music man who knew how much I loved the stories. I have been writing stories for some thirty years, chasing the reaper for the last twelve, and in the mist of the heat of the battle, holding lives in the balance, I think of Harry. I never made it to a concert, but I held the dream that some day Harry would sing one of my stories, that I might share a song or two with the boys.

I will always teach the world according to Harry to every one who crosses my path in this life. Harry was the greatest story teller of all time, and it would take volumes to tell all the times the music graced my life.

So painful is the loss, it took until now to find the web site, so painful I still become teary eyed remembering the day. When I finally get to heaven I plan to join the band, I miss you Harry, and I guess I always will…………………………

Roddy Gallagher

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