While I was fortunate enough to see Harry in concert several times in the 70’s, the most memorable for me was when he played at the old Kiel Opera House in St. Louis. We had third-row-center seats and felt as though Harry was singing directly to us the entire evening.

Never have I seen a performer reach out and touch his fans like Harry did that evening. Then, as was his practice, he was out in the lobby after the concert visiting and signing autographs.

My wife and I both cried when we learned of Harry’s death. His music is still a big part of our lives and our 13 year old son is as much fan as we are.

A friend of mine, Dennis Garrels, was working as a freelance photographer during and after our college years. He spent a lot of his time taking photos at concerts and was lucky enough to shoot the cover photo for Harry’s “The Last Protest Singer” album.

My best wishes to Harry’s family and fans. May his music live forever.