Nobody in their right minds would do a concert stop in Ketchikan. Even if you could draw the 30% of the town not passed out in the bars in town, you wouldn’t have much of a crowd to brag about.

That didn’t stop Harry Chapin from stopping in town and doing a concert in the late 70’s. It may have been a mistake or the boat trip he was on had trouble or who knows… Harry was in the local school gym to do a concert. The cluster of people were polite and amazed to have this so he obliged us with a number of songs, until… the lights and power went out. Not much of a shock in Ketchikan Alaska.

After a couple moments of confusion in the glow of the Exit lights, he said, “Do you mind if we keep going, in the dark?” The locals were even more impressed, and blessed the continuance. He may not have planned this, but you would never have known. The concert went great, and Harry and the band would have been given the key to the city… if someone only knew where it was.

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