Harry Chapin’s voice always seemed to be drifting through our house as I was growing up.  Mama and Daddy would go to his concerts and then we would sit down and have real quality time together, no television – just Harry, my parents and me. 

However, Cats always seem to find a way to leave the cradle, and children distance themselves from there parents.  The daddy’s girl that I had been at 7 years old became a stubborn, strong-willed, rebellious teenager.  My conversations with my father were at best between 10 – 12 words.  This lasted for years.  There was one exception though, Harry.  His voice, his songs and stories served as the structure and foundation of the bridge to communication for my Father and I.  And once again in my adult years whenever we got together it was Harry, my parents and me.

Those are and forever will be some of my most precious memories.  Hours laying on the floor listening to Harry, talking about his insight and emotion.  Sharing such tender moments with my parents, I have Harry to thank for that.

Now years later, at 27 years old, Daddy and I still find that common bond and love for Harry that gets us through the tribulations of Father-Daughter relationships. 

Without Harry’s music who knows what my relationship would be with my parents or just my life in general.  His voice and his message has guided me through so much. Now I finally see that I don’t need to grow up all alone!.

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