I just read some of the other stories about Harry and how they were personal…..that’s just the way he made everyone feel. I went to the Garden State Arts Center and heard him in concert …. even took some photos with a camera I sneaked in. But the best concert was the 1977 WNEW live broadcast from Fordham University in the Bronx.

I bought 4 tickets for my twin brother and our dates. He gave up his tickets so I got a friend and his girlfriend to come along. My brother changed his mind, came up to the Bronx and bought tickets last minute for seats in about the 12th row on the floor……we were in the bleacher “cheap seats”. You can hear my brothers date (now my sister-in-law Linda) whistle after “I Wonder What Happened to Him?” When we were in line before the concert, the band walked right between us carrying their instruments and said Hi to everybody. After the concert, I met Harry in the back of the auditorium and got his autograph in his poetry book (I still have !! it). It was a great night!.

Many years later, I met Bruce Springsteen in a local video store. I told him that I saw him the night before on a PBS TV special performing “Mail Order Annie” at the Carnegie Hall Tribute to Harry Chapin. He gave me his autograph too…..and I told him Harry was my favorite singer. He smiled….and he wasn’t offended at all.

Even though my children weren’t born until 1985, 1988 and 1991, Harry Chapin is still one of their favorites! I had tickets to see Harry again at the Arts Center again in July of 1981 but he died days before the concert. Even though we all miss him…..he’ll never be forgotten.


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