To start, I haven’t been a Chapin fan for as long as any of you guys, I’m only 18.

I first became aware of who Harry was on my father’s birthday. He got “Harry Chapin, Greatest Stories Live” from my Mom, and began playing it. I was hooked as soon as I heard “W*O*L*D”, and later listened to almost every song on the CD. I was really excited about his songs. A few weeks later I was in a conversation about music, and I mentioned Harry, and my friend said “You know he’s dead, right?” I didn’t know, but that night I found out on the internet, Harry died four days after I was born. I felt lousy.

Since then I’ve gotten my own copy of “Greatest Stories Live”, a video of Harry in concert, and the “Live at the Bottom Line” CD. I listen to Harry more than any other music now (maybe tied with Jim Croce).

I think it’s really great that you guys are here, and keep Harry’s memory alive. Thank you for letting me share.

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