Back in 1978, my fiance and I attended a two-night concert by Harry Chapin at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. Those who attended both concerts were fortunate to be invited to a reception for Harry at the Egyptian Ballroom upstairs at the Fox after the show.

Harry fielded many questions from the large group of fans in the ballroom and then several of us lingered to talk and meet him up close and personal. He was a very intelligent and articulate man who didn’t mind speaking out on those issues he felt were important to mankind.

I remember telling him that I was a Vietnam Combat Veteran and that my fiance and I were being married the very next day. Upon mention of Vietnam, I saw in his eyes a sudden flash of compassion and caring. He reached out and took my hand and looked at Debi, my wife to be and said plainly, “Take care of him, he has spent his time in hell” “It’s time for a better place to be”.

I will never forget Harry Chapin or those words.

People like Harry Chapin come along only once in a lifetime. My life was truly blessed to have spent a few moments talking to this “Master Storyteller”. The music and his causes live on in our hearts and minds!

Dan Garrett

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