Thank you very much for compiling all this information about Harry. Even though it’s been years since his accident, I still get upset when I think about the loss, and it’s heartening to know there are so many other folks who feel the same way.

I saw Harry in concert just once, when I was a student at Bloomington, Indiana (‘76-77). He had just been on Tonight with Johnny Carson a night or two before and performed “Flowers are Red” in the chair next to Johnny. The lyrics had been instantly etched in my mind and I told my roommate, “I hope he plays the song he played on the Tonight show,” and he did. He played for at least two hours and it was truly a religious experience for everyone there.

When he did “Mail Order Annie,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium.

When Harry died, I was holding two tickets for an upcoming concert, and I was completely devastated. Like so many who’ve written about their feelings on your site and others, I felt like I knew Harry and I definitely loved him for his music and for the causes he supported.

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