I was 10 when Harry Chapin died. I didn’t really know about him, wasn’t sure exactly what he did to save the world. I knew that my dad and my uncles listened to him and there was that really cool album in our living room. I grew up listening to Harry’s music – thanks to my family. I would put the record on and sing and dance my heart out. Harry’s music became a part of my life.

When I left home to go to college, I swiped my dad’s album. I made a tape that took me to school and my years beyond. Everyone that came in contact with me was forced to listen to the poignant words of “Cats in the Cradle” and “Taxi.” Most of the other young adults my age thought I was nuts to be listening to such an “old guy” – this was the early 90’s! However, listening to “Cats” made me feel extremely fortunate that my father was always there for me – for support, a boost, or to pick up the pieces. Now, later in my life, the words to “Taxi” encourage me to remember the dreams that I had fostered as a young girl and never to give up hope. I believe that is why I enjoy “Sequel” so much.

One of my best friends in college turned out to be a Harry fan as well. He introduced me to “Sniper” which I believe hands-down to be one of Harry’s most gripping songs. For my birthday that year, I bought myself The Gold Medal Collection, with sound bites of Harry thrown in.

I will always regret that I was too young to accompany my family to the Front Row Theatre in 1981 to see one of Harry’s last performances. But because my uncle started this site, I will always have the memory – and the music – of a man who did make a difference.


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