I remember it well. I was in 3rd grade, possibly 4th grade and we had to sing CAT’S IN THE CRADLE as one of the songs for our annual Spring concert. I forgot about the song and every now and then, the song would pop into my head.

Finally, this past May, I asked my music buff friend “who sings that song.” He said Harry Chapin. Now, I amazingly just wanted to hear CATS IN THE CRADLE and that was it.

I was looking for a single, but when I went on Ebay, the only CD I could find with that song on, was GREATEST STORIES LIVE. So, I purchased it (shhh, I’m underage on Ebay, being only 14). After repeating the song about 17 times, I was online and had a phone call. When I returned, Taxi was playing. I was caught up in other online conversations and Taxi went by and then that was another song I liked. So, after that, I replayed the whole album and those songs were excellent.

Ever since then, I’ve been a die-hard Harry Chapin fan.