The first Harry Chapin song I ever heard was Taxi. I was sitting in a car on a cliff top overlooking the ocean and all I could think of was how much it touched me. That was in 1973

I immediately rushed out and bought my first album- Verities and Balderdash and was instantly smitten. I loved every song. The music, the words, the voice.

I have since bought every record, tape, CD that I came across and every time I listen it draws me in again and I start to appreciate his music all over again.

In every song there is a line or phrase which touches me deeply. A Better Place to Be has to be my theme song.

I saw Harry in concert once in Sydney. He sat on a stool on the stage and played a guitar and I left thinking that was the best concert I have ever been to. And I think it still is.

News of his death was reported here in a small column in the newspaper. I could not find anything else. What a pity.

I still talk to my friends about his music but they just look at me with bemusement as they have only heard one or two songs. What a loss.

I wish that there was some way of bringing it back today and letting others feel what a wonderful experience it was knowing Harry Chapin.

Thank you for the joy and tears.


I have never stopped listening!

PS: July, 2020 note from the editor, Dennis. I was at the same concert and have identical feelings and memories, thanks Helen for sharing yours.

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