Most people remember the day the music died is when Buddy Holly died in a place crash. However, for me the day the music died when Harry Chapin was killed in the car crash.

I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Harry a number or times after various concerts in the Toronto area.

The last performance I saw was in Hamilton place. That is significant as it was also the concert footage used in “The Final Concert” video. If anybody can get a look I am 6 rows up centre, with the lamb chop sideburns. Not to worry the sideburns are gone along with most of my hair now.

Every time I listen to Harry now, I see him on stage singing to me. That was what Harry could do. Sing to a hall full of people and you still believed he was singing to you and only you.

In total I saw Harry maybe 7 times over a 4 year period. This was not enough time to share with him. He will always be remember in my heart as a true hero of the common man.

I was thrilled to finally find the last concert video, which I bought from the foundation. Since then I have shared the video with my family and friends trying to makes sure the legacy lives on.

All I can say is “Thank god for the cheap seats”


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