I am a musician and guitar player, I’m sure like so many other fans of Harry Chapin. I didn’t discover Harry Chapin’s music until about 3 to 4 years after his death.

I had heard Taxi, and instantly I was moved. I listened to the remainder of his tapes that were around. “Mr. Tanner”, “A better place to be”, “W.O.L.D”, “Mail Order Annie” and many others. I began to read more about Harry, and was even more touched, as I learned more about the genuine humanity of this extraordinary individual.

The greatest sadness for me was hearing that my story telling hero had died before I had discovered him. Unlike most of you I never had the opportunity to sit live and watch his magic unfold before my eyes.

Many nights, my wife and I sit together, over a bottle or two of red wine, while I play as many of Harry’s stories as I can remember. I often wonder if he can hear us?

Knowing what I now do about this true humanitarian, I take solace in the fact that If I can be as good a person as possible, when my time comes, I may get a chance to meet up with Harry my idol, and together we will play a song or two together. I know exactly where I’ll find him. . . up on 16 Parkside Lane!

Miss you Harry!

John Brenton

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