I am originally from Scranton, Pa., and grew up in Punxsutawney, Pa. I was introduced to Harry Chapin’s music when I was little..perhaps 8 or so. My father and I come to visit the relatives all the time in Scranton, and one day he put in a tape and the song “30,000 lbs of Bananas” was playing. Then my father looked at me, and told me that we were on the road that the song speaks of!

That is where my fascination with Harry Chapin began. I slowly listened to the rest of the songs on his “Greatest Stories Live” album, and after awhile I wanted to hear his other songs, so I started buying more and more of CD’s.

I had the honour of attending a tribute concert for Harry, and I must sat that it was the greatest experience of my life. I have passed Harry’s music onto my friends…and they too are becoming curious about Harry. Needless to say, I have found more in Harry’s music than just a catchy tune. I hear a man who was trying to make a difference in the world, and a man who loved all people everywhere.

Harry Chapin wasn’t just a singer, but a decent and warm human being. I admire him for who he was and someday I hope I can be half the man he was.

I am only 21 and Aspire to become what Harry was. He is my inspiration for playing the guitar, even if I don’t play very well. Sometimes I sit and wonder how many more stories Harry would have told if he had lived to this day, how many people he would have saved from starvation, how many hearts he would have touched with his music, and how many people he would have inspired.

Sometimes when I listen to his music or think about him, I let out a good cry. How many other people that you have never met personally, could make you do that? And the tears are not all in sorrow, they are in joy. They are because of what he did for world hunger, and how he has touched a young mans heart with his words and music. Some children look to sports figures as their hero’s because they made a great play.

But Harry made the greatest play of all: HE CARED!!!!!!!!!!

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