During a very short period of my life, around 1981, I decided to become a member of a record club. Almost by accident, needing to come up with enough tapes to order, I selected Harry’s Greatest Stories. Although I had enjoyed Taxi, W.O.L.D, Cats, etc. I did not consider myself a Harry Chapin fan. As I placed the tape in my car radio for the first time, that was about to change.

At first, I was listening only casually. However, when “A Better Place to Be” came on, my music tastes changed forever. I think I played and replayed that song 40 straight times that day.

Since then, for the last now 18 years, Harry Chapin is my favorite singer/composer. I had the chance to see him live once, in Columbia, Maryland. That concert was so much fun, I planned to make in a yearly event, which was never to happen.

I have most of his tapes and continue to search for CD’s. Any advise on how to find them would be appreciated. I am especially interested in finding a copy of “Legends of the Lost and Found.” I played “Stranger with a melody” so many times, I wore out the tape.

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