We just finished watching a tape of the VH1 program with our kids, Kori and Jonathan Joseph. Both were named after the Harry Chapin song, “Corey’s Coming” (we didn’t want an additional John in the family, so we substituted Jonathan). My son is now scouring through the old albums (remember them?) looking for the one that contains the song he was named after.

Watching the special made us reminisce of the days early in our marriage when we saw Harry perform – twice in Connecticut and once in Massachusetts in the summer of ’80 where we gave him a large yellow wooden taxi that we had made – we had a small wooden toy company back then. We’ve often wondered if it was ever played with by his kids or where it ended up. Guess we’ll never know.

I can remember exactly what we were doing when we heard the news that Harry had died – he really had made an impact on us… One of those people that, even though you may not have known him personally, you felt as though you did, and are forever changed.

Kathie Kentfield

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