In the summer of ‘73 Harry played the Mississippi River Festival here in St. Louis. We got to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (concert site was their outdoor amphitheater) and sat at the beginning of the lawn seats.

Walking down towards us was a wild haired man in an Airforce Academy t-shirt. It was Harry, he told us he like to get among the crowd for a while before the concert. While we were talking with him we invited him to meet us at the IHOP (International House of Pancakes) on the highway. Harry told us if he could come by he would.

After an enjoyable 3 half hour concert we headed for the IHOP for some coffee and breakfast to satisfy our hunger pangs. About half hour after the concert Harry and the gang strolled in. We sat there and drank coffee and discussed life, hunger, music and other sundry matters until 4:30 a.m. when Harry said he needed to get some sleep. It was the greatest breakfast of my life.

I attended everyone of the concerts Harry gave in St. Louis, and miss him dearly. When I play his records/CDs it still brings tears to my eyes. My wife tells me I shouldn’t listen because it tears me up so bad.

His life wasn’t wasted because of the many good memories he left us.

Harry, I hope to see you on the road to kingdom come.

Steve Baker

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