1968. My best friend and I were out one afternoon, and he said to me, I heard this song by a guy named Harry Chapin. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a song called A Better Place To Be. It was about a watchman, etc. Well, we all know the song. That day we went and bought the record, and came home to my place to drink and listen to the album.

By the end of the record we were both pretty much drunk, and we both had tears in our eyes. That record move us both beyond words. We both fell in love with Harry that day. From that day forward whenever Harry was in concert within 300 miles of us, Philly, Pitts., Cleveland, New Jersey, New York, we went.

When Harry died, I was laying in the hospital having my gall bladder out. After the operation, I was watching TV when the news flashed that Harry had been killed. I couldn’t believe it. From that day forward, it seemed that every time I heard a Harry Chapin song either on the radio (which was rare) or at home or my friend’s house, I would feel pretty sad. But then after a few years, things changed. When I heard a Harry song I felt good, I felt whole.

I got my first computer last month, and I was surfing one day on the net, and never thought that Harry had so many friends. Just by accident I ran into this web page, and others. Notably, Little Jason. He has all of Harry’s song lyrics , and I printed out every song. I now have a Harry Chapin song book, and I can sing along with my Harry’s CDs and concert videos, and feel that I’m at a live concert every day.

By the way, I still get high when I listen to my Harry tapes, and feel that I’m only seventeen. I’m nearly 60 years old. Love Bob.

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