Your stories around attended concerts by Harry

22 Aug 80 at Jackson Cascades by Randy

Two friends and I went to see Harry in concert on 22 Aug 80 at Jackson Cascades in Jackson, MI. This was an outdoor venue with a very pleasant atmosphere. Although being outdoors did have a downside. At one point in the show, Harry offered people some "Off" to get…


First Introduction by Bill Hahn

Many moons ago I dropped my daughter--aged about 16--off at Carnegie Hall for a Harry Chapin concert. We--my wife and I-- later went to pick her up and the concert was still on---long after it should have been over. I heard the end of it. It amazed me. Harry then…


He Really Does Live On by George Linder

I just realized that it's over 20 years since Harry died. For some reason I found myself on the computer recently searching for songs by Harry Chapin to download. I have several records of his but the turntable bit the dust long ago. For some reason I wanted to listen…