I just realized that it’s over 20 years since Harry died. For some reason I found myself on the computer recently searching for songs by Harry Chapin to download. I have several records of his but the turntable bit the dust long ago.

For some reason I wanted to listen once again to one or two of his songs. Four days later I was still downloading. There always seemed to be another memory to savor…another song to revisit. I wondered why.

Way back in 1979 a friend who knew I was a fan mentioned that Harry was in town …but alone. He wasn’t doing any concerts. I must mention that ‘town’ was Sydney, Australia.

Harry was not what you would call a big star in Australia, yet when he decided to appear on stage alone for one night, he played to packed houses for several nights. The evening I went along to The Regent Theatre in Sydney has stayed with me all these years. Here was this extraordinary man on stage alone with just his guitar. He played and sang for hours. To this day, I can’t remember just how long he was on stage but it was just magic.

When people ask me to relate the concerts and singers I has seen I always tell them of a very special concert I went to in 1979 which surpassed all the rest. I tell then to forget Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper or then stage shows like Jesus Christ Superstar with tons of sound equipment and props.

Twenty four years later I still remember the most fantastic performer I have ever had the privilege of seeing in person. It is because of that evening in 1979 that I still find myself wanting to hear those wonderful songs again today. And guess what? They still sound so good. Cheers George Linder.

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