I was first inspired by the lure of WOLD. I went on the air in southern NY in the mid seventies. I believed in the draw of being the famous DJ. I studied the likes of Larry Lujak, Wolfman, and Dick. Believe it or  not Harry’s word came true. “They said that they loved the young sound…when they let me go…”

I never made it back to radio. Instead I took a job driving taxi in Binghamton, NY. Again, the music of Harry Chapin haunted me. I never got to pick up my old sweet heart ‘n the cab, but again his music held me with dreams that eventually went by.

Every year, on the anniversary of Harry’s death, I am sure to be in the Adirondack Park in Upstate New York.  I burn a special candle for Harry and his family and for all the people his generosity has touched. 

In the summer of “98 I was at a remote lake, dreaming of my lost son with special equipment so I could hear Harry on the anniversary of his death.  The new movie “Titanic” totally missed the ‘Dance-band on the Titanic’, but I remembered. Maybe the world ain’t ready to laugh at disaster, but I am.

I now work as a handyman in the Syracuse, NY area, I’m approaching 40.  My son is still lost in the Boston area, but my life is great. If Harry was alive today, he would help me figure out what to be when I grow up. I know my dreams will go by, I know I will be fired again for being too old, and I know there is a fat waitress in Watertown that wants my ass.  I just don’t know when my circle will be complete.

If ever you are in the forest, and you hear Harry’s voice; it’s not a dream, it’s probably just me. I spread the word of Harry at every chance I get, simply because the man made sense and if I can give a little more, all the better.

Harry’s family has done incredible work over the years to keep Harry’s legacy alive.  If Tom is still wandering around, I know many daycare centers and churches that would love his attention. There is a church locally that I dedicated my time to expanding. I worked as a framer to build the church day care, just to find out there was no money to pay me. So much for self-employment. Even though I went hungry for a year, the church I talk about has always been great with folk music.

If Tom or Steve are ever near Syracuse, NY I would like to know. If Big John is ever near the area I want to know sooner. I’m off to hear “MR. Tanner.


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