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Back around 1976, a friend and myself heard Harry was doing a concert at Queens College in Queens, N.Y. We cut class from Lehman College to attend the show. We got to the auditorium and it was virtually empty at show time. Literally their were 30 people, if that many on hand to see the show.

Harry came on stage by himself, no band or back up singers. That man performed like he was playing Madison square Garden at a sell out performance. He was incredible. Harry didn’t care how many people came to see him, he just cared about the quality of the show.

I remember him asking the audience if anyone wanted to sing Big John Wallace’s part in Taxi. No one volunteered and Harry sang the part. I also remember him performing “BUMMER”. It was the first time I had heard the song. Awesome!!

In all the concerts that I saw Harry (and it was several over the years), this memory of him will stay with me for ever.


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