The first and only time I saw Harry Chapin perform was at the Phoenix Symphony Hall on Sat. Feb. 28, 1981. I went to the show with my brother, who introduced me to Harry’s music and also attended two concerts before. However, my story does not deal with the concert but rather what happened after.

My brother informed me before the show that it was a standard practice for Harry to come out after the concert and sign autographs. During a brief intermission I went out into the lobby and bought a book of poems and lyrics called “Looking…Seeing” which Harry had mentioned just before the break. The show ended and I followed my brother to a certain location in the lobby where he told me that Harry would show up.

After waiting for what seemed forever I leaned my tiered body against a wall when all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind and moved me aside saying “Make way, coming through.” I turned to my brother and asked “Who the hell was that?” to which he replied “That, Jim, is Harry Chapin.”

I was able to meet Harry and he signed my copy of his book. I still have the book, sealed in a zip lock bag, which I am now looking at and remembering my brush with a great man.

By the way, the concert kicked ass !!!!


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