Back in the late ’70’s I went to a Harry Chapin concert, at an intimate Chicago location. I arrived in my jeans and t-shirt only to find most concertgoers in formal dress. World Hunger was on my mind as I made my clothes neat as could be. I felt out of place when Harry walked onto the stage, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. The people near me never made me feel uncomfortable, jeans and all.

All evening long the economic classes mixed like fine wines, good songs, as Harry sung and played. I’ll never forget the rich couple next to me, so very down to earth.

When I walked out after the concert Harry and Tom were at a long table, like those you see at school cafeterias. Harry and Tom were selling a book, but were more into talking to the concertgoers. Well, I stood in line to meet Harry and Tom, with very little money to buy the book.

When I finally got to meet Harry, and Tom, they both shook my hand and asked me if I liked the concert. Yes I did! The book was 10 dollars and I had maybe 6 or 7 dollars. Harry gave me the book, free of charge. Harry and Tom both signed the book. I still have this book. Wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars. I put my 6 or 7 dollars into a box for World Hunger that sat on the table.

Later, Harry died in an accident. I never got to say goodbye, like everyone else. But I sure got to say Hello to Harry.

To this day I love Harry. Still listen to him, and teach my children his music. They love him now, too. We will always remember!

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