I have been a Fan of Harry Chapin’s since high school. Binghamton and surrounding areas were a large part of Harry’s life. One of Harry’s first concerts in this community had to be cancelled several due to the weather. When Harry finally played that concert, he vowed never to cancel another concert here.

Several years later, Harry booked another concert for the dead of winter. When the band came out without Harry for the second set, John Wallace assured the fans that Harry was driving in form the City and that he would be there. Half way through the third set Harry arrived. Running on stage as he struggled to take off his jacket. Harry gave a 3 and a half hour concert that I will never forget.

That is not my only memory of Harry. I tried desperately to name my daughter Cory, to my wife’s dismay. She Wanted Jennifer. So I rocked my baby Jennifer Coreen to sleep, many a night to Tangled Up Puppet.

Today, I cannot play that song without filling up inside. Jennifer, now 18 is my Jenny, my Cory and I am her Tangled Up puppet.

Thanks letting me share these memories of Harry.