I became a fan of Harry Chapin in the mid-seventies, and saw him perform live 5 times in Dublin between 4 Apr.’77 & 7 Feb.’81.

His first concert was mainly attended by invitees (with some paying fans like myself) but when he returned to Dublin to play on 6 Sept.’77, his concert was a sell out, as were all his subsequent dates.

He left a huge impression on anyone who attended his concerts, and really brought the problem of world hunger to prominence. He was always around after the shows to meet his fans and to sign programmes and his poetry books (I still have these).

In Dublin recently, I bought the book/CD pack “Harry Chapin Story Of A Life” in which I found a fabulous background to Harry’s life, and it really brought back to me the moment when my wife rang me at work to tell me of his death.

Over the years, visitors to our house have become fans after listening to his music. It’s such a shame that the world lost such a bright personality, and worker for world hunger in July ’81 – ” the good die young”.

In New York last year we came upon the “Harry Chapin playground” in Brooklyn – purely by chance. Does anyone have any background on this playground?

A fan for ever.

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