Hello…..My name is Tony. I am a very, very big fan of Harry Chapin.

I play & write songs, thanks to Harry….When he was killed a big part of me died inside. I prayed that night for GOD to give me just a sliver of his talent…. The next day, I started writing songs.

They’ve been coming to me ever since…Now I’ve written what I believe to be the last sequel to Taxi…..It’s called A LETTER TO HARRY…I just recently purchased my own computer so I want to get this song out. I spoke to Jennifer Chapin about it once and e-mailed her the words….She said she was touched.. Now I believe it is time to record and share this song….Can you help me?

Thanks, Tony.

My writers name is “Tone”

“I’m singing this song to Harry, wonder if he’ll ever know. The way I feel since you’ve been gone and how I miss you so.

It wasn’t so long ago, I heard the stories you told. They had so much meaning to me, you got inside my soul, you got inside my soul.

They were tales of people and their lives, you brought them together I know. no one could explain them so well, those stories you told.

You see the Cat’s not in the cradle any more. He’s finished college, I think he’s 24, Mr. Tanner is still singing your song, and me, I’m singing along.

You know the Waitress and the little man are still together to this day. You gave them each other when they were alone and in dismay.

And every Taxi driver’s watching for a girl named Sue, all these things and more, happened because of you. You were a class act to the core, one class act to the core. I know if you were here today you would probably be hanging with those DJ’s down at W.O.L.D-D-D-D-D!

I’m singing this song to Harry, you shook my hand and was gone. I hope we’ll be together someday and play wonderful songs. I know the concert hall you’re playing today, where the angels listen to you, must be the clearest sounding place there is to play. But Harry, I miss you.

You see the Cat’s not in the cradle any more. He’s finished college Harry, I think your son is 24. Mr. Tanner, you know he’s still singing your song, and me, I’m singing along.

I hope we meet again my friend, but until we do, I’ll tell my own tales and stories, just like you, ooh just like you. Why did you go? why did you have to go?

Only Heaven knows…..”


I hope you like my song. This is one of many I believe was given to me, somehow.

I loved Harry, and I’d like to see this song get to his wife in New York.


Tony “Tone”

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