I used to live in Harry Chapin’s town. Harry and family was always inviting people back to his big old House, and I can remember being the age of 16 and finding myself in his house singing around his piano.

The kitchen was in full swing (Harry loved food). I walked away from the party and found Harry cloistered in the family room, fireplace roaring. He was reading, writing, glasses on and participating, in that he was listening to the festivities. Harry was a type A as we all know.

I’ll never forget his kindness to us.

I will remember that, and give my tribute to him in my new endeavor in rescuing single mothers who feel that they have to sell themselves to feed and house their kids. Harry would have had a lot to say to them. I will keep him in my heart as we offer shelter to those in need.

God Bless you Harry, keep the change.