I have been playing Harry Chapin’s songs for years as a solo performer. Just me and a guitar, a stool and a microphone.

I sat round for months on end in a big old old house, smoking, playing cards, listening to Sniper, Heads and Tails. Living and loving and singing and having, in hindsight,  the best days of my life.

THEN, news came that Harry Chapin was coming to town. I went to his concert in the town hall in Sydney, and on the stage was this really energetic and powerful man….. just one man, a guitar, a stool and a microphone!

He was f……..g brilliant. At the end he stood in front of the microphone and sang unaccompanied and the place went wild.

He said he was surprised that he was known in Oz and wasn’t expecting huge audiences at his concerts. He said he would be back the next year with his band.

Harry, you never came back and that is one of the saddest things that has ever happened to Australia and to me….Gary.

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