I’ve been reading as much as I can today about Harry Chapin and other people’s remembrances. It seem like only yesterday I saw Harry Chapin for the first time in Morristown, NJ in 1978 performing.

It was a never-ending celebration of life. I saw him several times in the following years.

On a late June night in 1981 I traveled to the Pier in NYC before I left for the summer to go be a counselor in the Catskills. It was a perfect night, on the water, the audience was rocking and singing. For some reason, I remember standing next to Ed Koch, the mayor of NY that night at the concert.

Two weeks later I heard the news about the accident. What a sad tragic ending….but after reading all the tributes today…it is great to see the music and the feelings live on.

The only other performer who moved me like Harry in concert was Bruce Springsteen. I have seen Bruce about 25 times (4 this year alone) and when I tell people that Harry was just as good in concert, they always stare at me blankly.

I told me youngest daughter today that we have some new music to begin listening to…Harry’s.

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