My wife and I used to live in Hampton, NH and the highlights of our summers were when Harry would come to town. Filled our lives with his music. From Greatest Stories to Mister Tanner, Legends of the Lost and Found, and with the new movie “Titanic” coming out, his Dance Band on the Titanic album. Loved all his stories.

One of the biggest thrills my wife had was when she purchased one of his story books and he autographed it an then kissed her on the cheek. Don’t think she ever really washed it off.

Caught him any chance we could on the TV. But there really was nothing any greater than his concerts and the band. Miss him and the guys. There was never a sense of closure with his passing.

He was supposed to come to Hampton the next day, and we had tickets. I remember we drove to the beach and there was a bright full moon, we cried, hugged, held each other and said farewell to Harry. Closure came years later when Steve, Howie and John played in Portsmouth, NH by the river. Got a chance to here his music live again.

They did a great job, I always wanted to send a letter to Steve and tell him that on that evening the greatest part I remember was looking at the guys and seeing Harry’s spirit sitting on a stool and smiling with his guitar on his lap and just turning around and looking at the guys with that crooked grin, and wanting them to know he was still there with us, and them.

That brought closure for us. We felt that he will always be a part of us. Every now and then we look at the pictures I took at one of his concerts and smile, knowing that his stories will always live. Larry Zagranis

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