“I can see myself it’s a golden sunrise, young boy, open up your eyes….it’s supposed to be your day…”

My introduction to Harry Chapin was the result of a friendship forged around love of good music, good friends, and good food. My very best friend had a pirated video tape of Harry in concert, and would play for me every Sunday night after we had eaten his gourmet meals and entertained the entire county.

He especially loved his own wife, and this song particularly reminds of that love for his “bride” – a name which he still called her after almost 30 years of marriage.

I lost this dear friend of mine in a car wreck last February, but when I reflect on his life, I define it in terms of the woman and the family he left behind….She was “The Story of His Life”.

Thank you Harry for the words and the music which captured such a life.

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