It was early 80’s when I first heard the song “30,000 Pounds of Bananas” by Harry. I was living in a small, rustic cabin on the banks of Hamburg Cove in Lyme, CT for two weeks at a summer camp by the name of Camp Claire.

In order to wind us down a little at night, our counselor would put on records (remember those?) of Bill Cosby’s old stand-ups (Noah, and Buck-Buck were the favorites). Now, in order to calm us down after hearing a side of one of those LP’s, our counselor would play either James Taylor, or Harry Chapin. Unfortunately, one night, his plan backfired, as 30,000 Pounds of Bananas came on, and the cabin went up in an uproar again.

Camp was always filled with music, and we would sing You’ve got a Friend by James Taylor, and Circle by Harry. Graciously, Harry’s foundation granted me permission to use that song in the Camp Claire video which I produced a few years ago. I was surprised to hear that they still sing those songs… funny how some things never change… 🙂 If anyone cares to take a gander at the video, you can visit the Camp Claire Website at: and request a copy.

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