I’d been a Harry Chapin fan since I was a kid. In fact for many years, Harry’s were the only concerts I’d gone to (my folks figured he was “drug-safe”).

Anyway, I was in Yeshiva back in the mid/late ’70’s (1977 I think it was) in Santa Clara, and a bunch of us decided to go see Harry Chapin up at the Cow Palace in Frisco (and yes it was Winter and it was raining hard).

Harry played some cuts from his new album Dance Band on the Titanic. During intermission he came out to shmooze with the crowd, as he always did (particularly the women).

I mentioned to him that it was the anniversary of the sinking of the ship, and he thanked me warmly, and when he went back on stage, he mentioned that “a fan” had told him what the date was. It was just Harry Chapin’s way of sharing the glow…

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