I discovered Harry Chapin many years ago quite by accident by borrowing Verities from our local library. I just loved his lyrics, his voice, his feeling, his humour. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge he never toured in Australia. He did a visit and appeared on a show hosted by a big yank called Don lane, but I never saw it.

My own special memory is quite sad but perhaps quite appropriate and Harry I feel would have appreciated it.

My father died in UK in late 1981. The night before I was due to return to UK a very special friend came and helped me through the night. We played Verities over and over. It helped…. even 3000 bananas raised a smile. I normally hate it.

Unfortunately Harry’s music never hit the music stands in a big way and it is only the last couple of years that I have caught up with some music I didn’t even know existed.

Imagine my joy only a few months ago to pick up the Titanic CD purely by chance. I am still discovering some of Harry’s music for the first time all these years later.

I was incredibly upset at the news of Harry’s death. Incredibly it made the drive home news in Adelaide Australia where I used to live.Quite amazing really.

Harry was one of those rare characters, the world is a much poorer place for his passing. But music is timeless so, so is Harry.

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