Your stories around attended concerts by Harry

$1.00 For A Kiss…by Debbie Fenoglio

I remember seeing Harry Chapin in Terre Haute, Indiana. I had been to every concert that I could get to throughout the Midwest. He was donating on concert proceeds to his hunger cause. I remember after a two and a half hour concert, he and Steve were standing out in…


O Holy Night by Kevin Pristash

Everyone who knows me on more than just a cursory level probably has heard my story:  In October of 1977 Harry Chapin performed a benefit solo concert to help raise money to save from the wrecker's ball what is now known as the Landmark Theatre in my hometown of Syracuse,…


Breakfast With Harry by Steve Baker

In the summer of ‘73 Harry played the Mississippi River Festival here in St. Louis. We got to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (concert site was their outdoor amphitheater) and sat at the beginning of the lawn seats. Walking down towards us was a wild haired man in an Airforce…