I saw Harry at the St Lucie Civic Center in Ft. Pierce Florida on 10-17-80. He walked un-ceremoniously on from stage left and addressed the audience, ” The band is down in West Palm getting shitfaced tonight… ….so I’m going to do the show alone…..”

I was a little disappointed at first, but by the last song I was amazed how one man and his acoustic guitar had carried the whole concert to an amazing end. He even sang a song out at the front of the stage with no guitar or microphone….great projection.

After the show, he invited everyone to come backstage and buy some concert gear to support the World Hunger Year.

I still remember the way the crowd kind of surrounded him as he came down the front of the stage and walked with him to the back. I followed and there he was with a whole bunch of girls in line to give him a kiss. I managed to get his autograph on a concert book and shake his hand but by then he was already greeting his next kiss. He was having a good time that night!

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