It seems so odd to read all of these stories, because for the longest time I thought my family and I were the only Harry Chapin fans in existence. None of my friends had ever heard of him and they just consider him the guy who wrote the song where I got my name.

But to me, he is much more than that. Every time I’m feeling down, a little Harry never fails to cheer me up. I feel like Corey’s Coming was written just for me and if I could just live up to the potential that I know I have, I could have an impact to the world like Harry did.

I grew up on Harry Chapin. Every family car ride consisted of 3 or 4 Harry tapes made from my parents records. We would drive to our vacation spot singing Mr. Tanner, Flowers Are Red, Circle, and so many others. I just recently found a few of Harry’s records on C.D. and I discovered some more great songs.

It seems like every song of his touches me in a different way. I never had the pleasure of seeing him live because I was just 3 when he died, but I have a baby picture of myself that my mom had him sign that says…”Corey, glad you came.”

In this world of gangster rap and alternative rock it’s incredibly comforting to know that at my wedding I can dance with my dad to Tangled Up Puppet and that a singer like Harry can be recognized and loved by so many people.

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