I became a Harry Chapin fan from the first time I heard “Taxi”. Since that time, I bought each new album as soon as it was released.

Unfortunately, I never met Harry and only saw him in concert once. Though I like the studio versions of his songs, I’ve always thought he was at his best on stage. I once described it to a friend as, “The light that Harry had always shone the brightest in concert”.

I just discovered this web site yesterday and it caused me to reflect on an incident that occurred a couple of months ago.

I was returning home from one of my daughters’ soccer tournaments. It was one of the first opportunities I had to listen to my new tape of the Bottom Line Concert. I was driving on Hwy 71, just outside Nevada, Missouri. Just as the ending chorus of “A Better Place To Be” began, I looked off to the left side of the highway. About 50 yards away, off a frontage road, there was what appeared to be a small tavern. A sign over the doorway read “Better Place To Be”. And I smiled as I sang along.

Thanks Harry!

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