Well, it was April of 1978, (I just found the actual concert on your vast list of concert dates), and it honestly feels like yesterday, as they say.  I was 24 years old, and I’m 52 today.  My friend Laurel and I attended the show on the SMU (Southern Methodist University) campus in Dallas, Texas, and as we came upon the side of the building where the concert was to be held, we heard talking, laughing, guitar tuning and playing and immediately realized it was Harry, et al… We stood there, then sat on the curb just enjoying the experience, ’til “Showtime”… then we bought t-shirts during intermission, the only with “World Hunger Year” on the front and “…cheap seats” on the back. 

Harry signed the front with an indelible pen, and the signature lived on until the once-yellow t-shirt essentially fell apart from wear and wash and love and tears.  My saddest memory was the day I was driving along a California freeway in Pasadena to visit a friend, heard the news of Harry’s loss on the car radio, and had to pull off the road, then found a phone to tell the friend I had to go home, to be alone, to let my heart mourn for a friend.  Since that days, my memories of Harry have been bittersweet, listening to his music, seeing Jen perform, staying up to date on WHY news…

(Holly Harris)
San Diego

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