I’ve been a Harry Chapin fan since 1977. In 1978 while in college I got to see Harry perform a benefit show, he was performing solo. So he needed a volunteer to help him sing Mr. Tanner since I was a music major, I was kinda pushed on Harry by my well meaning friends. He took me back stage at intermission to teach me the part. He was so unassuming, down to earth, just a nice guy. After about 10 min. you forgot you were with a celebrity.

I am now in the process of producing “Cotton Patch Gospel” for the second year in a row. So many people had never heard of Harry Chapin that I thought this would be a good way to introduce him to a new generation. It is a much bigger production then the original. We have incorporated a children’s chorus and a cast of about 100. It was so successful last year we are doing it again this year.

We had some Harry Chapin fans come from as far as 350 miles away. We are hoping to sell out all shows this year as some of the proceeds will be donated to WHY.

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