Your Stories & Memories of Harry Chapin and his influence on your life.

Thank You, Harry by Peter Breault

It took me quite a while to get past the 'songs' themselves ... too many great ones to make it happenstance ... and find the deeper meaning in recognizing Harry Chapin's genius, that of being able to capture in brilliant lyrics and melodies the weight of circumstances with streams of consciousness from the mercurial sub-conscious. Thank-you Harry, where ever you…


From The Netherlands by Michael Werkman

On Christmas day 2005 I was searching for more info because Harry's W.O.L.D. is voted number 1,683 in the TOP 2,000 records in my country. I realized that, although his records are hardly ever played The Netherlands there must be more Dutch fans than just me! I only wish I…


A True Mr. Tanner by Pastor MAH

Harry may not have been the greatest singer of all time, yet his music had great meaning. A song that particularly comes to mind is "Mr. Tanner." It's a story of a man who is rejected by critics when he try's out for a record label. In a way, this…