I know that song was written for Don McLean, but it should have been written for Harry Chapin. I was “introduced” to Harry’s music when I was a wannabe Folk Singer in the late Seventies.

I was having a bit of success, having written a few songs that proved to be popular, but I was always looking for new songs to sing. A friend loaned me a copy of “Greatest Stories Live” and that was it! He was telling me my life story – and it changed my whole outlook on life.

Because I was travelling around a lot and in the wrong place at the wrong time, I never got to see him live until Newcastle City Hall (The last (mainland UK gig) on his 1980 Tour. He and the Band did 45 minute first set, after which Harry spent another 45 minutes in the Foyer signing programmes (He signed mine!), T-shirts, albums and stuff, and then a 90 minute second spot (of which Harry did about 30 minutes solo).

But sad to say the hall that night was only about half full because, you see, very few people in UK have heard of Harry Chapin. Conversations tend to go like this……

“Hey Pete – who’s your favourite singer/songwriter/influence?”

“Harry Chapin”

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